What is Book Survivor?

8 books begin the challenge – 2 are kicked off every other week – until only one survivor remains!

Voting takes place from June 17-August 9.

Who will be the survivor? You decide!

View the Contestants

To participate:
  1. You must have a current TRAC Library Card
  2. Read at least one of the books to vote. You are not required to read all eight, but the more you read, the more exciting the contest!
  3. Vote once every other week for all of the remaining books: Save It! | Not Sure! | Kick It Off!

The book contestants were all chosen from the 2019 Young Reader's Choice Awards (YRCA) nominees which includes a Junior Division (grades 4-6), an Intermediate Division (grades 7 - 9), and a Senior Division (grades 10 - 12). Learn more about YRCA